Together with legacy payment rails, we strive to provide an all-inclusive payment solution for our partners. Frictionless payment processing, a wide variety of payment options, and seamless integration, all with InfinitePay.

Our notable partners include:

  • InfiniteBand

    A fitness and lifestyle wristband that lets wearers maximise productivity with its built-in functions and accompanying InfiniteBand app. Users can access the exclusive Burn to Earn programme, an initiative designed to reward users for being productive and leading healthier lives.

  • InfiniteBand app

    The accompanying app for the InfiniteBand that lets users view personal data reports, check fitness goals and progress, and access even more features in the near future. The Burn to Earn programme progress and history can also be viewed on the app.

  • InBIQ

    The InBIQ platform offers a diverse range of products and interactive campaigns, including loyalty and referral programmes.