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InfinitePay is a technology company with offices in Singapore and New Zealand. We explore and employ cutting-edge technology to help us achieve our goal of rapid application and diffusion of innovations to cause significant change in society.


With offices in Singapore and New Zealand, InfinitePay is building and operating the transaction processing engine for InBIQ—the next-generation digital commerce platform for Asia—as well as the Infireum suite of digital tokens: IFRC, IE, and InBIQ. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infinite Global Assets Ltd.


Our mission is to elevate our users’ quality of life on a global scale by delivering advanced technology applications, particularly to the tech-savvy and the unbanked.

By embedding digital value exchange in IoT (Internet of Things) devices, we aim to build an ecosystem that lets people familiarise themselves with life-enhancing technology applications while getting rewarded for doing so. Together with our partner, Infireum, which provides state-of-the-art blockchain infrastructure, InfinitePay aims to make our products and services ubiquitous, ultimately improving people’s standard of living on a global scale.


We envision a vibrant world where digital value exchange technology can relieve people of many everyday burdens.

Why InfinitePay Was Created !

Recent iconic technological revolutions include space exploration, nuclear fission and artificial intelligence (AI). We believe that blockchain will drive the next technological revolution. This nascent technology has already started disrupting several industries such as consumer identity and supply chains. But in a truly advanced form, blockchains can reach the masses in less-developed countries, lifting them to a better life. They can disrupt the e-commerce and travel industries, among others. The possibilities are endless.


And that’s not all. Health technologies that can improve lifespan, pocket assistants that can take over mundane tasks and free our time, and emerging IoT devices to hyper-connect the world are all within reach. And yet, they are still not part of our everyday routine.

So, what’s stopping the world from embracing these emerging technologies?

People generally tend to shy away from new technology, preferring instead to stick to their current habits.


We believe it would be a shame to hold back technology that can help better lives. So, to encourage more people to embrace new technologies, InfinitePay has designed an ecosystem that rewards the savvy adventurer for trying our products and services, all powered by emerging technologies.


In fact, our name says it all. InfinitePay, as in infinite ways to be rewarded, constantly reminds us of our promise to show our appreciation to members of our ecosystem. While InfinitePay sees itself as the bridge to adoption, we would not be able to accomplish our goal without our users.


We want to be the evangelists of technologies that can leave a profound positive impact on the world. Through us, everyone can enjoy great technology in the form of superior products, services and perks, relieving them of everyday burdens and inconveniences.

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infinite Global Assets Ltd.

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